"I've heard the stories.  I've reported the stories.  NOTHING could have prepared me for the heartache that would come from reading your book.  Each page carefully crafted and well written.  I'm simply in awe.  I couldn't put it down.  From front to back, Kelsey would be so proud you helped bring light to what happened in darkness." -KWTV Anchor Lisa Monahan


Discover the book readers say they can't put down...

Two television reporters team up to expose the truth behind months of documented abuse, broken bones, and a dead little girl. Her mother and step-father are sitting in jail. Still, no one has been convicted of her murder. Read the damaging documents, heart-wrenching law enforcement interviews, and an inside look into the violent history that led to the tragic end to Kelsey Briggs' life.

Who Killed Kelsey? is available in print and eBook format for every device.

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Cherokee and Britten sign copies of Who Killed Kelsey? at the Prague Kolache Festival.