"I have read very few true life stories that tore me up inside like "Who Killed Kelsey?". More than once I had to lay the book down and go outside to collect myself. Everyone in the Oklahoma State Legislature, The Director of the Oklahoma Department of Human Services (his staff and all CPS Caseworkers), family court judges, the Oklahoma Commission on Children and Youth (Child Death Review Board), the Medical Examiner's Office, and all college level students studying to become social service workers NEED to read this book most urgently. God forbid that this should ever happen to another child."  -Dennis Heaton

Sharing Kelsey's Story: The Mission

What began as a book has evolved into a mission for Cherokee & Britten, the world's most outspoken child abuse prevention advocates.  Cherokee and Britten travel the world talking to non-profits, universities, the media, and other organizations about Kelsey's case.  The case is a microcosm of everything that is wrong with our child welfare system and can be used as a teaching and learning tool for students of child welfare, child advocates, and the general public.  Sign our petition to make child abuse prevention a political issue this election!

“She was failed. She should not be dead. It's shameful, this case is shameful...we're all responsible!"

Cherokee Ballard's message touches both child advocates and the general public because she challenges the audience to protect our society's most vulnerable by reporting child abuse.  And it doesn't end with filing the report.  So many organizations report problems with OKDHS and other state child welfare systems failing to follow up on reported child abuse.  Kelsey's story is the worst case scenario but there are so many children like her.  Cherokee's passionate message moves her audience to tears and then inspires them to take action.  Cherokee's dynamic experience in television news, public relations and child abuse prevention makes her a sought after speaker for organizations across the country.  Read more about Cherokee.   

"We elect our politicians based on their stance on healthcare, abortion, the war in Iraq.  Child abuse kills more children each year than soldiers die in war.  Yet we continue to ignore the issue."

Universities, non-profits, and other organizations have been inspired by Britten Follett's keynote message: Broken Bones...A Broken System.  Her multi-media presentation is filled with videos and news reports of the life and death of Kelsey Briggs.  Britten challenges the audience to make child abuse prevention not only a dinner table conversation but a political issue.  Learn more about Britten.  

Media Training

Newspaper and television reporters often interview Britten and Cherokee about failures in the child welfare system.  Their unique backgrounds make their media training seminars valuable for organizations trying to garner news coverage of their prevention techniques or handling a child welfare media crisis.  Take a look at a sample agenda for your next media training.  Contact us to book Britten or Cherokee at your next training.

Britten shares Kelsey's story in Singapore